Zoom Rockman – Political Cartoonist / Puppet Animator

Zoom Rockman Political Cartoonist
Illustrator of Political Book of the Year 2020 – ‘The Prime Ministers’
Zoom Rockman Political Cartoonist

Hi, I’m Zoom, welcome to my website!

Click on the gallery to see my latest puppet animations and cartoons for Private Eye.

You can also look back through my Skanky Pigeon strips for The Beano and all the issues of my comic ‘The Zoom!’ which I started publishing age 9!

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for drawing tutorials.

Zoom Rockman

...a shortlist. If you're not on it, blame the elf. And you can see the lot right here https://www.martinrowson.com/draw so garner your 10 seconds of fame over there, ok? Anyway, on with the show, and here's @Trump_ton @tomjohnston2796 @The_ZoomComic & @taylertoons

10 years. 10 comic art creations. 1 world. #10YearsToSaveTheWorld is a project supported by the @BritishCouncil & will result in a comic art anthology in response to the #ClimateCrisis. Check out the artists involved here http://www.10yearstosavetheworld.com
#TheClimateConnection #COP26

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Zoom Rockman Political Cartoonist