Zoom Rockman – Political Cartoonist / Puppet Animator

Zoom Rockman Political Cartoonist
Illustrator of Political Book of the Year 2020 – ‘The Prime Ministers’
Zoom Rockman Political Cartoonist

Hi, I’m Zoom, welcome to my website!

Click on the gallery to see my latest puppet animations and cartoons for Private Eye.

You can also look back through my Skanky Pigeon strips for The Beano and all the issues of my comic ‘The Zoom!’ which I started publishing age 9!

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for drawing tutorials.

Zoom Rockman

Great to see all the @procartoonists at The Political Cartoon Awards last night and Congratulations to @GoddardBooks and @Ncknwmn winners in the Pocket Cartoon Category handed over by @AngelaRayner !

Government campaign to save energy going to happen after all! Here’s the full range of posters (one on right previously seen in @PrivateEyeNews )

Just in case you don't know, there is a book of my 'Boris letters' (all first posted here on Twitter), published by @Ttravelseries with cartoons from @The_ZoomComic . Gesticuli testiculi

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Zoom Rockman Political Cartoonist