Zoom Rockman – Political Cartoonist / Puppet Animator

Zoom Rockman Political Cartoonist
Illustrator of Political Book of the Year 2020 – ‘The Prime Ministers’
Zoom Rockman Political Cartoonist

Hi, I’m Zoom, welcome to my website!

Click on the gallery to see my latest puppet animations and cartoons for Private Eye.

You can also look back through my Skanky Pigeon strips for The Beano and all the issues of my comic ‘The Zoom!’ which I started publishing age 9!

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for drawing tutorials.

Zoom Rockman

Introducing my @COP26 @GretaThunberg @phBritish film for #10YearsToSaveTheWorld @comicartfest @SkinsBC @KensingtonRoyal @ChrisGPackham @adamboultonSKY

"What have we done to the world? Look what we've done. We have to cut carbon emissions to save everyone!" Please share @The_ZoomComic & @GretaThunberg's message to #COP26! https://www.10yearstosavetheworld.com/comics/zoom-rockman #10YearsToSaveTheWorld #COP26 #TheClimateConnection @BritishCouncil @BritishArts

Very surreal, doing an interview with Ian Hislop from my living room! We discussed @PrivateEyeNews 60th book, Peter Cook, and @BeanoOfficial / Skanky Pigeon! Full film on their website & buy the book! @csm_news @csmgraphics @procartoonists

Delighted with my ‘Hell in a Handcart’ print (with MR seal of approval on the back)- Thanks so much @MartinRowson ! Taking it to be framed for my new studio today! Loved your wall @BeanoOfficial @SomersetHouse show btw

So proud to be part of @BeanoOfficial history @SomersetHouse and have my work displayed alongside Frank Sidebottom and Oink! Thanks for including me @andyholden_GM and #TeamBeano for a great evening!

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Zoom Rockman Political Cartoonist